Foam extinguishers are highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids forming a smothering seal over the surface preventing re-ignition. Effective on class A, B & F fires. Ideal for multi risk areas such as workshops, garages, shops etc.

Price includes Fire Blazon Sign, Testing and Tagging and Installation charge within Auckland area.

  •  Stainless Steel Cylinders Painted Red
  • Large High Quality Gauge
  • Brass Spray Nozzle and Valve
  • Hose to direct discharge for restricted areas
  • AFFF foam charge supplied
  • Foam offers improved post fire security.
  • Nozzle provides even discharge pattern & coverage
  • Foam creates less mess and is easier to clean up.
  • Foam allows more than one discharge attempt (valve reseats, unlike powder)
  • AFFF discharge effective on class F fires
  • AS / NZ Approvals
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