The Powder Fire Extinguisher ABE, distinguished by a white coloured band around the top of the cylinder, is the most widely used type of fire extinguisher suited for fires occurring in the house, boat, garage, car or caravan. ABE dry powder fire extinguishers (or Multi-purpose) utilise a specially fluidised and siliconised mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical. Effective on class A,B and E fires. Not suitable for class C,D, and F fires.

Price includes Fire Blazon Sign only with 2.5kg plus extinguishers, Testing and Tagging and Installation charge within Auckland area.


  • Drawn Cylinder – Reduced Neck Problems
  • Large High Quality Gauge
  • Rugged Construction
  • UV Rated Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • Pull Ring Retainer fitted on all units
  • Hose retainer fitted on all units with hose
  • 85% MAP ABE Powder
  • Fully AS / NZ Standard Approved
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